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OK Plus Membership

Is membership in OK Plus free?

  • Yes. You do not pay anything for your membership in the OK Plus programme.  It is a loyalty programme, to which anyone who complies with the given rules may become a member.

Is it possible that my unused miles will expire after some time?

  • Yes. Each mile in the programme is valid for 36 months (from 1June 2014). Should a mile not be redeemed during this period, it expires and can no longer be used.
    Should no OK-coded and OK-operated flight be noted in your account within the previous 36 months, all miles (irrespective of the date of their crediting) automatically expire and can no longer be used.
  • There are the following exceptions to both of these conditions:
  • Validity of miles of OK Plus Silver, Gold and Platinum Card holders lasts for the entire validity of their Silver, Gold or Platinum Card.
  • Validity of miles of holders of selected CSA co-branded payment cards is extended by each month in which holders earn the stated number of miles for payments with such cards. This exception is subject to the additional condition specified on the OK Plus website in the Payment cards section.
  • Irrespective of the above conditions, the validity of each mile is limited until 26 October 2024. If miles are not used by this date at the latest, they will be automatically deleted. Deleted miles cannot be used afterwards.

Crediting of Miles

What is the difference between the “Actual Balance” and “Card Eligibility”?

  • The Actual balance of your account includes miles for flights with Czech Airlines and all of the programme’s airline partners as well as promo and elite bonuses and miles for using the services of non-airline partners. 
    The card eligibility amount (SkyTeam miles) only includes miles for flights with Czech Airlines and partners from the SkyTeam Alliance.  The required card eligibility threshold must be “flown” over the course of a calendar year.

What is the difference between “Miles” and “SkyTeam Miles”?

  • You earn miles for flights with Czech Airlines, with our partners from the SkyTeam Alliance, and for flights with other airlines, as well as for using the services of all other OK Plus partners.  Miles serve for redeeming rewards.
    You get SkyTeam Miles only for flights with Czech Airlines and its partners from the SkyTeam Alliance.  These miles make you eligible for obtaining a higher-level card.  For you to receive a higher-level card, the relevant number of miles must be collected during one calendar year.

How do I ascertain the current balance of my account?

  • All OK Plus members are informed about the miles credited and about the mileage balance through an Account Statement.  An electronic Account Statement is sent free of charge to the e-mail address provided by the member. Account Statement is sent for each month to those members, who have noticed any activity on their account for given month. All other members, who have ever activate their accounts by first activity, receive a statement each quarter.

How should I proceed when miles have not been credited to my account?

  • Uncredited miles have to be claimed no later than 12 months of the date of the flight, or using a partner services. In case you claim uncredited miles for Czech Airlines flights, use a simple on-line form right in your OK Plus profile at in My account / Claim missing miles section. In all other cases, please send us the documents of the flights flown (copies of tickets and original boarding passes), or receipts, and other documents confirming your use of the services of non-airline partners.

Is it possible that my miles were not credited, even though my membership number had been entered properly?

  • Yes. In spite of all our efforts, sometimes your miles are not credited due to a system error. In such cases, just claim your miles.
    But it may not be a mistake in all cases. Some flights are excluded from mileage accrual. Mainly:
    • Flights purchased in the cheapest booking classes.
    • Flights operated by an airline that is not an OK Plus Programme partner.
    • Flights purchased under the carrier code of an airline that is not an OK Plus Programme partner.

Bonus Tickets

How do I order a bonus ticket?

  • Make sure that you have the sufficient number of miles in your account (you can ascertain the current number of miles from an Account Statement, at the website, or by calling +420 239 007 500).
  • Visit a Czech Airlines office or call our Call Centre at +420 284 000 607.
  • On the basis of your request, our staff will make a booking for the flight of your choice; do not forget to inform them that it is a bonus ticket you are requesting.
  • To make a booking, you will need:
    • Your OK Plus membership number.
    • The passenger’s name.
    • Place of departure and destination.
    • Date of flight.
    • The class in which you wish to travel.
    • The PIN Code.
  • Our employees will inform you when and how you can collect your bonus ticket.

How long is a bonus ticket valid?

  • Ticket is valid at maximum for one year from the date of issue depending on a flight date and on conditions for change and refund stated below.  If the ticket is not used within that time-period, it cannot be subsequently extended and miles cannot be refunded to your account.
  • The latest validity of all bonus tickets is for flights until 26 October 2024.

Can a one-way bonus ticket be issued?

  • Yes.  A one-way bonus ticket can only be issued for OK designated flights operated by Czech Airlines.

May I combine different carriers on one bonus ticket?

  • Yes. On one bonus ticket, you may combine all the SkyTeam Alliance airlines (Czech Airlines, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines, Xiamen Airlines), as well as Etihad Airways.

What changes can be made once bonus ticket issued?

  • Changes to a bonus ticket can only be made prior to planned departure date and only in Czech Airlines offices. Changes are subject to a fee. Prior to departure (outbound), you can change the flight number, date , and routing within the same zone. Prior to return flight (inbound), you can change the flight number and date. Discounted bonus tickets are non-changeable.
  • A ticket automatically expire after a planned departure date. In such a case only unused airport taxes can be requested to refund. Miles, other fees and service fee are already non-refundable.

What changes may not be made on an already issued bonus ticket?

  • Once a bonus ticket has been issued, you cannot change the name of the person for whom the ticket has been issued.

Can I give a bonus ticket as a gift?

  • A bonus ticket may be issued in the name of the passenger who flew the required miles or in the name of a person to whom the account holder decides to donate the ticket. In the case of a gifted bonus ticket, the account holder himself must take care of the issuing and picking-up of the ticket, subject to the verification of a valid PIN or his identity, based on a citizen identification card or passport, in a Czech Airlines office.

Can anyone pick up a bonus ticket?

  • Yes, if the bonus ticket is issued in the name of the OK Plus account holder. In other cases, the bonus ticket must always be collected by the holder of the OK Plus account from which the bonus ticket was purchased.

Can I return a bonus ticket?

  • Yes.  Bonus ticket can only be refunded before planned departure date. Refund of the ticket is subject to a fee. Taxes and fees you have paid will be refunded and miles will be credited back to the OK Plus account. Service fee is non-refundable. Discounted bonus ticket are non-refundable. 
  • A ticket automatically expire after a planned departure date. In such a case only unused airport taxes can be requested to refund. Miles, other fees and service fee are already non-refundable.

Am I entitled to earn miles for flying on a bonus ticket?

  • No. Flights flown on bonus tickets are not eligible for earning miles.

Termination of OK Plus loyalty program

Until when is the OK Plus loyalty program active

  • OK Plus loyalty program is active until 26 October and will be terminated in its current setup after this date. Membership of all OK Plus members will be terminated as at this date.

What happens to miles on my OK Plus account

  • Accrual of miles for Czech Airlines flights and those of our alliance partners as well as for services of OK Plus´ non-airline partners, including Czech Airlines/Raiffeisenbank credit card, remain unchanged till 26 October 2024. The possibility to accrue miles will be terminated after this date.
  • Miles from OK Plus accounts can be used for bonus tickets on Czech Airlines and our alliance partners for flights not later than 26 October 2024 (travel must be completed by this date), to purchase excess baggage on Czech Airlines flights until 26 October 2024 or for lounge access to airport lounges at Václav Havel Airport Prague till 26 October 2024.
  • If miles are not used until 26 October 2024, they will be automatically deleted. Deleted miles cannot be used afterwards.